Brunch is such an amazing happening that we think that it should be enjoyed as frequently as possible.  It’s a grand compromise between breakfast verses lunch and sweet verses savory.  The Simpsons once quipped about brunch that: “It’s not quite breakfast, it’s not quite lunch, but you get a slice of cantaloupe at the end.  You don’t get completely what you would at breakfast, but you get a good meal!”  We are all about cooking brunch with friends, fellow chefs and family at home.  We are brunch curators!  We make indie-chic, music fueled, no-rules, hands on brunches happen all of the time wherever we travel. We learned the subtle art of brunching with friends at their apartment that was an old converted milk factory. The folks at The Milk Factory were bohemians, foodies, artists, chefs, and travelers from all around the globe, and the brunch dishes made there were as unique and eclectic as the individuals. We want to help you brunch more!  We want to help you brunch better!


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