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#GarbageSalad with #Masonjardressing - by Creon

If you’re like me, you walk through the produce section of the grocery store with the best of intentions. I see all of the fresh, seasonal, ripe fruit/vegetables and no matter my hunger level I start getting ideas about all of the awesome dishes I can make. While I’m in the produce section I’m “going to eat sooo many vegetables this week,” but often times reality (aka life, aka family, aka friends, aka work) gets the best of me; and the beautiful, luscious produce I buy on Monday is looking limp by Saturday morning.

So, I have started a regime of “Garbage-Dishes” that not only help me utilize all of the old produce I’ve collected, but also helps me put together some killer brunch dishes that are unique and delicious because of their spontaneity! One of the pillars of Boheme Brunching is using what you have on hand to make an awesome meal with your tribe. I remember distinctly the fun of pooling ingredients with my friends at the Milk Factory, then deciding what things to make that satisfied all of the various dietary restraints of our group. A soup or salad are simple enough to throw together if you are imaginative enough, and don’t mind bending the rules a bit. (Okay, there are no rules!)

For a salad, it is very easy to build a colorful and tasty creation if you use the produce you have on hand. This particular salad started from the top. I had about a cup of sesame sticks that I had been snacking on all week… and then I just grabbed things from my fridge, produce bowl, and cabinets that I thought would pair well or contrast deliciously.

This type of amazing scrap salad is definitely an homage to a Boheme Brunch artist friend, Julia, who would always bring a bag of random things to brunch, then magically transform them into a dope salad. The Julia salad would often be the only green in a sea of brunch decadence, reminding us all to eat our vegetables! This salad, combined with the fact that several of our friends and the people they bring to brunch are vegetarians and vegans helps drive Boheme Brunch’s #veggiesforbreakfast initiative.

We don’t always eat healthy, but when we brunch there will be vegetables!!!

We don’t always eat healthy, but when we brunch there will be vegetables!!!

Garbage Salad Recipe:

5 c of your favorite lettuces

1 medium onion: sliced/ pickled/ caramelized/or diced

1 c raw vegetable shaved very thin (beets, fennel, carrots, zucchini, cauliflower, etc.)

½ c chunky vegetables (broccoli, tomatoes, cucumber, etc.)

½ c cheese: grated/ shaved/ crumbled/ or cubed

½ c fruit (apples, oranges, pears, dried dates, craisins®, pomegranate, or berries)

1/3 c crunchies (almost anything you can think of that is crunchy: granola, croutons, nuts, chips, pita)

1 c Mason Jar Dressing (recipe to follow)

Mason Jar Dressing recipe:

1-12oz mason jar with lid

2/3 c oil (avocado, sunflower, olive, hemp seed, even canola if you have to)

1/3 c acid (red wine vinegar, Meyer lemon juice, white vinegar, etc.)

1 tsp of a little something sweet such as sugar, agave, or honey (optional)

1 tbsp of an emulsifier, makes the dressing thicker: mustard, mayo, strained Greek yogurt (optional)

1 tsp salt

4 cranks of black pepper

1 tsp of desired spices or fresh herbs (optional & use discretion- “to taste”)


1) Layer and arrange all salad ingredients in an interesting manor, or toss all in a large bowl.

2) To make the dressing, add all of the ingredients to the jar, put the lid on tight (don’t get crazy) and have your strongest mate shake the jar vigorously for 1 minute. Serve over salad or on the side in jar.

3) This recipe is your journey! You are in charge of what it becomes!


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